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Blane Bachelor
April 01, 2010 02:05 PM

Erykah Badu says her buzzed-about new music video, in which she strips off her clothes and references the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, has been “grossly misinterpreted by many.”

The singer and native of Dallas, who is raising her three children there, Tweeted: “I would never disrespect JFK. his revolutionary thinking is my inspiration. my performance art has been grossly misinterpreted by many.”

The video for her song “Window Seat,” which was filmed on March 17 and has been pulled from several sites, shows Badu stripping as she walks along a sidewalk in Dallas’s Dealey Plaza, now a popular tourist attraction. After Badu removes all of her clothing, she feigns being shot in the head, falling to the ground near where Kennedy was fatally wounded on Nov. 22, 1963.

POLL: Did Erykah Badu Go Too Far in Naked New Video?
Badu, 39, gave a play-by-play account of the shoot on Twitter, posting, “There were children there. i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized.” In addition, onlookers were “yelling, THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE : YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED : PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON : DAMN GIRL! etc…”

And 64 percent of readers polled agreed with those onlookers, voting that Badu went too far with her video.

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