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K.C. Baker
September 04, 2008 01:35 PM

Eric Benét sings about a pair of sexy “chocolate legs” on his upcoming R&B album, Love & Life. But whose are they?

“I can’t kiss and tell,” Benét says coyly.

Well, maybe a little. “Those legs did actually belong to somebody,” says the singer, 41, who was once married to Halle Berry and is now dating Prince’s ex-wife Manuela Testolini.

When he wrote “Chocolate Legs,” he adds, “The state of the world was bumming me out. I had an intimate time with someone and it was one of those magical things. I felt so invigorated and ready to face the world again, hence the name of the song, ‘Chocolate Legs. Wrap them chocolate legs around me…'”

Whether or not those legs are hers, Testolini inspired many of the sensual songs on the album, which debuts on her birthday, Sept. 9. (The album’s first single, “You’re The One,” is No. 1 this week at Urban (A/C) Radio.)

“She’s a wonderful person,” he says. “She’s always thinking about how to make the world better. And she’s very easy on the eyes.”

The couple met at a charity event in Los Angeles two years ago. “We sparked up a conversation and became really good friends,” he says. “It naturally progressed into something else. We’re feeling good. We are really enjoying each other’s company.”

As for his girlfriend’s famous ex-hubby, Prince, Benét says, “I met the guy years and years ago and he was very gracious and cool.” He adds with a laugh, “But there’s no double dating going on.”

Benét has another woman in his life: his 16-year-old daughter, India, who sings on the album. (Watch a video of their duet below.)

“She just brings me so much joy and inspiration,” he says of India, whose mother died in 1993. “She’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But parenthood has its challenges…”

Like? “India is now dating,” he says with a sigh.

When Benét had a strange feeling about one of India’s boyfriends, he and India had a heart-to-heart. “Basically it was poetic justice because I was 16 before and my mind definitely wasn’t on the most honorable…” he says. “We talked and she made the choice herself but through parental openness. He got edited. He’s out of there!”

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