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Eric Bana Reveals His Wild Side

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Courtesy Steven Klein/DETAILS

Eric Bana may star as the ultimate evil arch nemesis in this summer’s Star Trek, but the brooding heartthrob admits he had a streak of a bad boy quality in him growing up.

“I went through a little phase,” the Australian actor tells Details in its May cover story, in which he reveals that he showed up drunk to school prompting his mom to ground him for six months. “But I did a lot better than some of the guys I hung with, who have ended up dead or in jail.”

For Bana, 40, getting into mischief during his teen years affected his grades at school, causing him to repeat a year of high school. “It wasn’t like I was busting to get into NASA or anything,” says the Hulk and Black Hawk Down star.

Eric Bana
But now as a husband and a dad with two kids, Klaus, 9, and Sophie,7, Bana confesses that he still is prone to dark moods like everybody else with the daily grind of life.

“I do get incredibly frustrated,” says Bana. “I tend to dwell on the negative.” But he looks to his wife Rebecca for reassurance. “[She] is great at talking me off the ledge.”