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Emma Watson Doesn't Understand the 'Male Gender'

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Emma Watson needs little help from her friends when it comes to understanding men.

“When I was on the set with Daniel [Radcliffe] and Rupert [Grint], it was normally me who went to the guys with the questions about guys because I don’t pretend to understand the male gender,” Watson tells

“I’m just like, ‘What is going on here? What should I be doing? I don’t understand,’ ” the actress, 20, says. “So they’ve helped me out a bit and been like my protective big brothers.”

While the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I star is currently single, she admits to being “fiercely loyal,” much like her character Hermione Granger.

“I really empathize with people and I can’t help but take care of them and protect them, sometimes in a kind of unhealthy way,” says Watson, 20. “I’m definitely a caretaker. I have to really pull myself back on the reins and say, ‘Put yourself first. Love yourself first.'”

Just because she’s said to be worth $32 million doesn’t mean Watson hasn t struggled with self-doubt.

“I’ve had dark times – this voice in my head that makes me pretty hard on myself,” says the Brown University sophomore. “I really don’t let anything go. I’ve been learning that I have to try and be a bit kinder and take care of myself a bit better.”