Monique Jessen
September 11, 2009 07:45 AM

Emma Watson has swapped spells and magic at Hogwarts for freshman week at Brown University – and so far, so good.

The British actress, 19, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, arrived at the Ivy League college last week and, after a few days settling in, blogged on her Web site about her new life on the Rhode Island campus.

“I’ve finally arrived at Brown University and I’m having the most amazing time,” she says. “I’m still so excited to be here; I’ve already met so many incredible people.”

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Watson, who is studying literature, made a conscious effort to blend in during the orientation activities, swapping her favorite designer labels for casual cut-off jean shorts paired with a plain T-shirt and sneakers.

Hanging out with her new friends and also spotted looking affectionate with her boyfriend Jay Barrymore, who is visiting Watson, the actress-turned-student can’t wait to get down to the serious business of studying. “I’m over my jet lag and I just want classes to start!!” she gushed

Watson also used her blog to put to rest rumors that she had made a high-profile entrance to the college. “Contrary to the reports you may have read, I didn’t arrive by helicopter. I’ve only been in one once when I was little and I was terrified.” Then, sounding very much like Hermione, she added: “[N]ow back to my studies!”

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