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Inside Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Sweet Romance

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Caroline McCredie/Getty

Yes, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are that couple. The ones who hold hands during dinner. The ones who use endearing pet names for each other. (She’s “Em”; he s “Garfy.”) The ones who take surfing lessons together in Hawaii and hop on a Vespa together in Rome. In short, they’re the kind of couple whose earnest lovey-doveyness would be annoying if they weren’t so irresistibly cute.

“They almost seem to be in their own world when they spend time together,” says an L.A. source. “They have the kind of loving chemistry that makes other people jealous.”

Plus they’re young, gorgeous, rich and just finished with an international press tour of the world’s most romantic cities – London! Paris! Rome! Is there any reason not to be jealous? And yet even as Stone, 25, and Garfield, 30, promote their roles as comic-book sweethearts Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (out May 2), they are also the kind of couple who shrug off attention on their real-life romance of nearly three years.