Stephen M. Silverman
September 04, 2003 03:59 PM

In a real-life gesture being compared to the “golden tickets” from fictional candy man Willy Wonka, Eminem is offering three such ducats to visit his Detroit recording studio with all expenses paid, reports Billboard.

The future visit will be scheduled to coincide with the rapper’s recording of his next album, the follow-up to last year’s “The Eminem Show,” according to the music publication.

As to where these golden tickets can be found, one need look no further than the new CDs of Eminem’s protege, Obie Trice. Titled “Cheers,” the artist’s debut album is due in stores Sept. 23.

Still, to win the tickets — only three will exist — buyers must hope they’ve bought the lucky CD out of the 500,000 copies that will make up its first pressing. As calculated by Rolling Stone, that gives those willing to make the gamble roughly a one-in-166,666 chance to win.

Then again, there may be some fans who just want to hear Trice’s first album.

As Trice, 24, tells Rolling Stone about the contest: “Everybody’s always doing the same s— with their records. Buy my album, get a DVD, get a free poster, get a piece of my toilet seat. F— all that s—.”

He added that when he was young, he would have given part of his privates “to win something like this.”

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