Andreas Branch/Sipa; Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Alison Schwartz
February 25, 2011 12:25 PM

First it was this year’s Grammy nods: Eminem received 10 nominations and Lady Gaga earned six.

Now, it’s Facebook fans.

The rapper, 38, surpassed Gaga, 24, on the popular social networking site Friday by a slim margin of about 50,000, racking up 28,982,205 “likes” – and counting – on his Facebook page, compared to the pop diva’s 28,930,299.

Eminem’s burst in Facebook popularity has stopped Gaga’s eight-month run as the most popular living person on the site. Gaga was the first person to attract more than 10 million friends, even beating out President Barack Obama.

But that’s just Facebook. According to social media statistics Web site Famecount, Gaga is the overall star when Twitter followers and YouTube hits are factored.

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