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Emilie de Ravin

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On Wednesday, fans of ABC’s hit show Lost will get to unlock yet another of the deserted island’s mysteries, when amnesia victim Claire (played by Australian actress Emilie de Ravin) finally gives birth. In a flashback earlier this season, a psychic deemed Claire’s baby to be special in an otherworldly, possibly possessed kind of way. And to complicate matters further, island occupant Ethan Rom (played by Tom Cruise’s cousin William Mapother) abducted Claire and tried to keep her from the rest of the castaways. He was killed (or so we think) and Claire returned, but her memory did not.

De Ravin, 23 – who’s no stranger to TV’s dark side with appearances on Roswell and the 2002 remake of Carrie – tells PEOPLE that working on Lost “is even better because you’re working on something that you really don’t know where it’s going from week to week.” She recently talked about the show’s secrets – and her own secret to balancing work and home life.

Okay, so let’s clear one thing up right away. You, Emilie, are NOT pregnant.
No, I’m not! And I’m glad I’m not pregnant on the show any longer. It’s a nice change, I must admit, to not have to wear the bodysuit at the beach any longer. It’s nice not to be so hot and sweaty out there.

Fans have been obsessive about what’s up with Claire and the baby and the island.
Yeah. People always ask me, “What’s the monster? What’s wrong with the baby?” And I really don’t know. I don’t know if they think I’m lying to them, but we are really left out in the dark.

So, what is up with Claire’s baby – Cujo, right?
How did you know? The whole plot is ruined now! (Laughs) It’s still currently an unnamed child. That much I can tell you. But that’s it!

The Lost cast and crew are close, aren’t they?
Everyone hangs out when we’re at work. The girls – Maggie (Grace), Yoon-jin (Kim), Evie (Lilly) – we’re all close. All of us. It’s such a nice, friendly atmosphere. When you think about it, it was scary in a good way for all of us to go to a place we’ve never been, meet a bunch of people who just hired you that you’ve never met and start working. It really helped us bond.

Have you ever hosted a cast party?
No, I haven’t. I fly over for work and then I fly back to Los Angeles. A lot of people are living there but I stay in a hotel and I don’t think anyone would want to come over to a hotel for a party. L.A. is where my life is right now. I’m engaged (to model-actor Josh Janowicz), we have a house together, we have dogs. I’m a real homebody so it means a lot to me to be home. Everyone (at the show) is very understanding. They know if they were in my situation they would do the same thing.

What has been your favorite Lost episode so far?
I’d have to say the pilot. It was such an innovative and dramatic episode. Very visual and real. I remember feeling quite ill watching some of it, which is funny when you worked on it yourself. You think you’d be immune to a lot of the emotions watching it.

Creator J.J. Abrams has said that one of the principal cast members will die this season. How do you feel about that?
It’s sad because everyone works together and gets along so well. But we’ve also been informed for a while. J.J. has been talking about it a lot and that’s good. In the situation we’re in with no real medical care and not all the right nutrients and the dangers of being where we are, it makes it very real to have someone die. That’s how the show is keeping it real.