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People Staff
March 26, 2013 05:30 PM

Though the day may be far off, Ellen DeGeneres can see herself and wife Portia de Rossi moving far away – to de Rossi’s birthplace, Australia.

“I shouldn’t put it out there,” DeGeneres, 55, told a crowd in Melbourne, “but I can see us living here one day,” reports Australia’s News Limited.

“I’ve wanted to come to Australia for a long, long time, before meeting Portia,” the talk-show host also said.

DeGeneres echoed the sentiment more than once during her trip, which she made with her mother, Betty, and de Rossi. Dockside in Sydney to film segments of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (her trip Down Under was hosted by Swisse Wellness), she told some 3,000 people who’d gathered to watch the taping, “I’m moving here, it’s so beautiful.”

According to the Associated Press, among DeGeneres’s TV guests was Sydney resident Russell Crowe, who gave her two kangaroo-hide cattle whips so she could catch “some brumbies” (wild horses) in Australia’s southeast.

For her part, de Rossi, 40, put on her old school uniform and, with DeGeneres, paid a visit to her alma mater, Melbourne Girls Grammar School, spending a few hours with the thrilled students on Monday.

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