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Alex Heigl
March 04, 2014 09:50 AM


We’re calling 2014 the Year of the Pizza Guy.

The world has been introduced to Big Mama and Papa’s Pizzeria, the restaurant Ellen DeGeneres had deliver to the Oscars, but what about the man behind the pizza?

DeGeneres had Big Mama and Papa’s co-owner, Edgar, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday afternoon to speak about his rise from unassuming pizza delivery guy to Oscars star.

Edgar had been told he was delivering to the show’s writers, so it was as much a surprise to him as to anyone else when DeGeneres led him onstage. He said the highlight of the evening was meeting Julia Roberts, the “woman in dreams” of his youth in Moscow.

And DeGeneres had another surprise in store: She pulled out Pharrell’s hat, filled with about $600 she’d collected from the audience. To that, she added $400 from her own pocket and handed the cash to Edgar.

How’s that for a night’s work, Edgar?

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