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Mark Gray
June 28, 2008 07:35 AM

Things have gotten a little more gossipy for Gossip Girl heartthrobs Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick – but then, the two guys know the territory.

“I just laugh them off,” Westwick told PEOPLE about the discussions heating up the Internet – questioning the nature of his and Crawford’s relationship.

“What are you going to do?” says Westwick. “People who know me and Chace and the cast know that we are all great friends. And that’s the extent of it all. Those things that go around are just amusing to us, really.”

Despite the scuttlebutt, Westwick was in great spirits Friday night at Tao Las Vegas as he celebrated his 21st birthday. Crawford had planned to join the party, but canceled.

“I thought he was going to be here, said the birthday boy. “I was hoping he would make a show.”

Despite the cast’s non-appearance at the bash, they did send Westwick birthday presents, didn’t they?

Well, no.

“They haven’t gotten me anything, just a ‘Happy Birthday’ and a smile,” Westwick said good-naturedly. “They’re a terrible bunch, aren’t they?”

His family did much better: “I got a really cool, rare whiskey bottle from my cousin.”

As for Gossip Girl, filming has moved from the city to the beach. What can viewers expect? Promises Westwick, “Debauchery and warm weather.”

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