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Dahvi Shira
March 31, 2013 12:10 PM

Easter may conjure up images of colored eggs, Peeps and bunnies for some – but for Enrique Iglesias, it’s just another excuse to drink!

“Easter is a time where you have a lot of dinners and vacations and parties,” the Atlantico rum owner, 37, tells PEOPLE. “It’s probably one of the weeks where people go the most on vacation. Rum is just one of those drinks that is perfect when you think of vacation.”

Stepping out of his performance background to work with the liquor brand that “had absolutely nothing to do with what I do,” Iglesias is happy with his decision to try a new venture on top of his regular projects.

“I started drinking it and I liked it,” he says, of the line. “It was a brand that was really a start-up. It was very small, but I wanted to try [working with] it. It would be different.”

Rum and diet soda is the drink of choice for the “Bailamos” singer, who refuses to drink liquors like tequila because, “I had a bad experience when I was pretty young, and [will] never [drink it] again.”

Iglesias, who stresses the importance of “always drinking responsibly,” isn’t big on hitting nightclubs, but says, “I just like hanging out with my friends and having a few drinks and telling stupid stories.”

As the star gears up for his own Easter Sunday fun-day, he and the mixologists at Atlantico Reserva have put together a festive concoction just for readers that’s sure to please at anyone’s holiday gathering.

Enrique Iglesias’s Atlantico Rabbit

1.25 oz. rum (Iglesias recommends Atlantico Platino)
.75 oz. ginger liqueur
.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
.5 oz simple syrup
5 mint leaves
1 oz. ginger beer

• Muddle mint in shaker.
• Fill with ice and add rum, ginger liqueur, lime juice and simple syrup.
• Shake and pour into rocks glass.
• Top with ginger beer.
• Garnish with lemon.

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