June 12, 2001 01:15 PM

Surgery was required for Sharon Stone’s husband, San Francisco Chronicle Executive Editor Phil Bronstein, 48, after a rare 10-foot Indonesian Komodo dragon at the Los Angeles Zoo mauled him in the foot on Saturday, reported Bronstein’s newspaper Sunday. The giant lizard apparently crushed Bronstein’s big toe, forcing doctors to reattach severed tendons and rebuild the casing of the toe. “He was in the Komodo dragon cage when he was bitten,” zoo spokeswoman Lora LaMarca told Reuters “We have a number of celebrities who want to go behind the scenes and he had a fondness for these dragons, according to his wife.” The Chronicle reported that, at a zookeeper’s suggestion, Bronstein had removed his white tennis shoes before entering the cage, because the dragon is fed white rats, which it might have mistaken for the shoes. Stone, 43, who witnessed the attack from outside the cage, said that her husband grabbed the jaws of the reptile and pried them open before he escaped through a small feeding door.

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