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Dracula World: Shocking

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Orlando has Disney World, but Romania wants to build a Dracula World theme park — but so does Dracula’s only living relative, reports The Romanian government has announced plans to build a $60 million Dracula Land theme park to attract fans of Prince Vlad Tepes, known as Vlad the Impaler for his blood-shedding acts, a 15th-century nobleman who was the real-life model for novelist Bram Stoker’s immortal (literally) character, first published in 1897. But Prince Vlad’s only living relative, Ottomar Rudolphe Vlad Dracul Kretzulesco , who lives in a medieval castle outside Berlin, has a rival plan to open a park in his own home, he told ABC News, and he appears to be shocked about the Romanian venture. Told of the Romanian Tourist Board’s plans, Prince Otto declined comment. But his agent, Petra Huber, told the network correspondent: “He knows nothing of this and will probably have nothing to do with it.”