Caris Davis
July 01, 2008 09:15 AM

When it comes to alcoholism and drug dependency, celebrities often looking for a quick fix says Dr. Drew Pinksy.

Stars often choose supposedly intense abbreviated programs in exclusive environments to rid them of their demons – but the addiction specialist insists such regimens often do not tackle the problem properly.

“If you had cancer, you would drop everything,” Pinsky tells the Associated Press. “You would take whatever time it needed to do the treatment and do what it takes to get out on the other side. Here’s a disease that is more dangerous, and we can’t get people to take three months.”

The host of radio’s Love Line and VH1’s Celebrity Rehab claims that substance abuse has reached a crisis point in Hollywood.

“Today, in the celebrity world, we’re seeing an addiction epidemic,” he said. “I don’t like treating celebrities … they’re very, very difficult.”

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