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Sweetest College Acceptance Video Ever: Student with Down Syndrome Rion Holcomb's Dreams Come True

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Courtesy Susan Holcombe/Youtube

Like many high school seniors, Rion Holcombe applied to college and has spent the last few months waiting to find out about his future. Unlike most seniors, though, Holcombe, 20, has Down Syndrome, and going to college has special meaning for him. When Holcombe finally got a long-anticipated letter in the mail from South Carolina‘s Clemson University, his mother had the cameras rolling.

Holcombe had applied to Clemson’s LIFE program, which is designed for students with special needs. Watching Holcombe open the letter and [SPOILER ALERT] realize that his dream has come true is a moment of true joy. He’s going to be a college student and a Clemson Tiger; life is full of possibility and opportunity for Holcombe. One can’t help but smile (and tear up) along with him.

In the YouTube comments, his mother Susan Holcombe writes, “I love that kids like Rion get to experience college life and this type of independence. Proud of my alma mater!”

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