Rennie Dyball
May 22, 2008 12:30 PM

It’s New Kids fever all over again! Between their Today show performance last week – for which some of the thousands of fans in attendance camped out for 48 hours – and concerts in New York and Boston, the boys are most definitely back.

“I am so happy to finally be able to perform for the fans,” Donnie Wahlberg wrote on the NKOTB site. “It’s really the best way to repay all of you for all of the love you show us.” To prepare for the recent shows, he says, the band has been rehearsing for six to eight hours a day, working out, plus shooting a video and cutting more songs for their album.

“Looking back on all the shows,” Donnie blogs, “I’d have to say that overall things went pretty freak’n awesome!!!!!!!”

But the guys are still hard at work. “Today I’m going to finish editing the video for ‘Summertime’ before I head to the studio with Joey [McIntyre] and Jordan [Knight] to cut a new song,” writes Donnie. “I can’t wait for you guys to see the video, it’s a lot of fun.”

Hitting the road will be, too: “I can’t wait,” Donnie writes. “Seeing [fans] at the shows, autograph signings, or even meeting you in the streets is really the best part of all of this . . . I’m so grateful to all of you.”

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