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Donald Trump Weighs In on Rosie O'Donnell Leaving The View

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Just hours after ABC announced that Rosie O’Donnell would be leaving The View at the end of this season, her arch nemesis, Donald Trump, shared his thoughts on the matter with PEOPLE.

What do you think about Rosie leaving?
TRUMP: Well, she didn’t leave The View, ABC fired her. They couldn’t take it anymore. Her ratings, frankly, were good during the month of January when she and I were going at it, but they’ve been falling very steadily ever since.

[According to, ratings for The View during February sweeps were up 15 percent in key female demographics compared to last year. Also, O’Donnell and ABC have both said an inability to agree on a contract is the reason for her departure.]

What do you think led to her departure?
The fact is that the reason she was fired in my opinion, was her comment at the Waldorf-Astoria two days ago. [O’Donnell made off-color remarks about Trump, among others.] I heard that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Do you think this is a good move?
I think it was a good move for ABC. The problem is … Barbara [Walters] no longer has it, and the show is pretty sad. So they have to bring in somebody very good.

Whom would you put in Rosie’s spot?
Probably the only one that could really do it would be me, but I would never do it.

What about Elisabeth Hasselbeck?
I think she’s fine. I think she’s a very good counterpoint, but Joy Behar is terrible and totally third rate, if that. And they don’t have another person, so I don’t know what happens with The View. They’re going to have to get very lucky and get somebody good.

Do you think Rosie brought anything to the show?
She got the ratings up when she went after me, but they’re falling rapidly.