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Donald Trump Fires Ivana for Stripping

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Selling chocolate proved a bitter pill for Ivana Ma on Thursday night’s episode of The Apprentice 2.

Pushing her $20-a-bar product on Wall Street – remarkably close to the Trump Building – the 28-year-old Boston-based venture capitalist dropped her skirt in order to attempt a sale.

Donald Trump was not impressed. “You stripped. I’m not hiring a stripper,” he ultimately told her in the boardroom, followed by “Ivana – you’re fired.”

Trump sidekick, Carolyn Kepcher, called the stunt by Ivana, who was also serving as the Apex team leader, “horrendous … Would you agree you were not selling candy bars?” All told, Apex sold $560 worth of candy.

The two remaining Mosaic members, onetime rivals Jen and Sandy, sold more than $1,000 of their M&M “M-Azing” bars, but kept on their skimpy outfits (which Ivana likened to them looking like “cheap hookers”). They also priced theirs at $5 apiece.

All told, it appears the episode rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Before Friday morning’s Today show, Katie Couric admitted to New York’s local news anchors that Ivana “got on my nerves.”

Four contestants remain on the show: Kevin, Kelly, Sandy and Jen.