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A Whole New Jurassic World: See Disney Princesses Reimagined as Velociraptors

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Laura Cooper

At a movie theater far, far into the future, many blockbuster sequels from now, there’s bound to be a cinematic (and very lucrative) crossover between Jurassic Park and Disney.

And while we’re still years away from watching Dr. Ian Malcolm and Minnie Mouse walk hand-in-hand through a triceratops-filled castle, the internet has, uh, found a way to give us a taste of this world right now.

Thanks to the talented hands of Laura Cooper at the webcomic XP, Walt’s royalty looks a little different. Your favorite tiara wearers are now bloodthirsty, messy-haired dinosaurs. Gaze upon the Disney princesses as velociraptors and let out a mighty “Rawwwrtffff!” of approval.

Jurassic World and its regular Chris Pratt-adoring raptors broke box office records. Just imagine what these clever girls could do.

Snow White

Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper

Sleeping Beauty

Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper


Laura Cooper