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Posing for some very candid shots in the new issue of Gear magazine, “Splash” actress Daryl Hannah also has a few candid things to say about two of her ex-lovers, John Kennedy Jr. and folk singer Jackson Browne. “Let’s just say I’ve let my lovers treat me a lot worse than I’ve let my friends treat me,” she admits. Hannah, 38, isn’t on speaking terms with Browne, whom she accused in 1992 of giving her a black eye and a broken finger. (He has insisted he was defending himself.) Nor are she and Kennedy in touch. “But I’m okay with that,” she says. “It wasn’t as intense. I just think I’ve got a very different life.” As for what she looks for in a man: “I’m drawn to brilliance and people who can use words well … Someone spontaneous, wild, unpredictable. I’m attracted to darkness.”