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Diana: Honor or Insult?

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Princess Diana is being spoofed in an upcoming British satire show, reports Reuters, but not everyone is laughing. In the show, the ghost of Diana, played by actor Rory Bremner, sympathizes with a distressed-looking Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to a transcription of the show that was published in British newspapers. Diana tells Blair that “up here everyone is saying your destiny is in the heavens, you wear the crown of stars,” and adds that she’s going to be late for a “Versace thing.” Teddy Taylor, a senior member of Britain’s opposition Conservative Party, told the Daily Telegraph that the sketch could cause “hurt and distress” to the princess’s family, and should be scrapped before Nov. 19, its scheduled air date. But Bremner defended the sketch, calling it “a satire about contemporary Britain and no one can pretend that she (Diana) doesn’t figure in people’s thinking.”