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VIDEO: This Is What It Looks Like When You Parachute into an NFL Playoff Game

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Thousands watched the Denver Broncos clinch a spot in Super Bowl XLVII by winning Saturday’s AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots, and one group had a unique view of the field: the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm.

The official parachute team of the Broncos regularly begins home games by plunging from the skies onto the 50-yard-line.

So others might vicariously experience their thrills, the group of professional daredevils filmed their descent into the game.

In the video, Sports Authority Field at Mile High first appears to be no bigger than a ladybug, before gradually growing as the parachuters drift down. The soaring silence suddenly breaks when the skydivers land feet first into the hive of excited Broncos fans. Game on!

Take note, Peyton Manning: This is a group that knows how to make an entrance.

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