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Demi Lovato: Nasty Blog Comments Take a Toll

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Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Demi Lovato has been painfully honest about the classroom bullying that pushed her parents to homeschool her. But harsh words still hurt – even when you’re a big star, she says.

The Camp Rock actress is reaching out to fans on her celebrity MySpace page: “Sometimes [bullying] doesn’t just end in high school,” writes Lovato, 16. “Sometimes I get online and read blogs (which I probably shouldn’t if I can’t handle it) and read the horrible things that people say in comments … and it can really take a toll on you.”

Lovato knows her fans are dealing with similar issues. “So as a message to everyone,” she writes, “please keep in mind when you’re about to threaten someone or make fun of them or leave blog comments about them, that what you say or do can truly affect someone.”

“Cheesy and lame as it may sound, never forget the golden rule.”

On a happier note, adds Lovato, she’ll be singing the National Anthem in her native Texas at the Thanksgiving Day Dallas Cowboys game. Writes the singer: “I’m so excited … I love my Cowboys!”

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