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Deliberation in Sizemore-Fleiss Case

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The seven men and five women on the jury in the Tom Sizemore-Heidi Fleiss domestic violence case began deliberations Wednesday and asked the court several questions, reports the Associated Press.

No verdict was reached by the end of the day.

The jury reportedly caused dismay among Superior Court Judge Antonio Barretto Jr. and lawyers when they asked to see transcripts of phone messages the “Black Hawk Down” actor, 41, left for the former Hollywood madam, 37, who had been his girlfriend.

The transcripts were not evidence, but the jurors said that they did not wish to listen all over again to the hours of taped phone conversations. Lawyers in the case, however, decided to let the jurors use the tapes.

Sizemore stands charged on several counts, including vandalism, threatening to inflict injury to a person or property, corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition, and making harassing phone calls. He faces up to 13 years in prison if convicted.

The jurors also asked Judge Barretto to define the term “specific intent to annoy,” which is part of the allegations.

The jurist explained that specific intent is not in the mind of the person who receives the call, but “in the mind of the person making the call.”