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Deborah Voigt Confronts the Little Black Dress She Couldn't Fit into

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Eleven years after she was fired for not being able to fit into a little black dress for her role as Ariadne at London’s Royal Opera House, star soprano Debbie Voigt confronts that dress in this exclusive sneak peek at her new video for her memoir Call Me Debbie.

The cheeky video opens with the black dress ringing the doorbell of her New Jersey home. “Of course I remember you,” Voigt tells the dress. “You’re not easy to forget.”

As she chats on camera about her candid memoir, in which she opens up about her addictions to food, alcohol and men, the dress says: “I hope you mentioned me.”

The voice of the little black dress is none other than the book’s editor and publisher, Jonathan Burnham.

It’s not the first time she’s had a little-black-dress visit: this is a follow up to a 2008 video about Voigt’s return to London’s Royal Opera House after the gastric bypass surgery that helped her lose over 100 pounds. “I was always myself, with or without YOU,” she told her visitor then.

Deborah Voigt

“Debbie Voigt knows how to work a room – even her own living room,” says Lisa Sharkey, Senior Vice President and Director of Creative Development at Harper Collins, who helped produce the new video. “I cannot wait to see how she interacts with fans during the book tour.”