Cara Lynn Shultz
September 20, 2013 05:00 PM

If there’s one thing we all learned this week, it’s that pretty much everyone is freaking out about the ending of Breaking Bad.

In fact, #BreakingBad was a trending topic on Twitter for several days following Sunday night’s mind-blowing (get it?) episode. Even Dean Norris (Hank) had something to say – via a FunnyOrDie video (Spoiler, obviously).

And while people were live-Tweeting their reactions to the shocking show, BatDad was dispensing valuable advice, the ’80s came back, and more random stuff happened online. Check it out:

Dean Norris Reacts to Breaking Bad
He proves that nothing can keep Hank down. Except a dome.

BatDad Offers Fatherly Wisdom – in a Batman Mask – on Vine
Spoken in Christian Bale‘s signature gravelly Batvoice, cautions his kids on the dangers of artificial sweeteners and putting Katie Holmes in your movie.

Here’s a compilation of his clever Vines:

New Volkswagon Commercial Channels Iconic A-Ha Video "Take on Me"
Now you can relieve the ’80s – without the mullets.

Adam Richman Loses 60 lbs. After Quitting Man V. Food
Next challenge? Trying to win over Winnie Cooper, because he now looks exactly like Fred Savage.

i0s7 Came Out for iPhone – and Everyone Hates It
Even Miley Cyrus stopped taking selfies to complain about the software.

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