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DEA Raids Office of Chris Benoit's Doctor

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Drug agents raided the office of Chris Benoit’s personal physician, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Atlanta has confirmed to PEOPLE.

Special Agent Chuvalo Truesdell (no relation to the reporter on this story) said that the raid took place Wednesday night at the office of Dr. Phil Astin in Carrollton, Ga.

“There’s definitely a nexus between the death investigation and the steroids that were given to Mr. Benoit,” Truesdell said.

After Benoit killed his wife and son and then committed suicide over the weekend, police found prescription medications, including steroids, in his Fayetteville, Ga., home.

According to Atlanta’s Fox 5 news, investigators said Dr. Astin’s name was on prescription bottles found in the home.

DEA agents working with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Astin’s office around 10 p.m. and spent about four hours on the premises, reviewing records and removing documents, Truesdell said.

Truesdell noted that steroids can be legally prescribed by physicians, but at this early stage in the investigation, “We just don’t know what the medical situation was and to what extent steroids played a part” in Benoit’s actions.

“The doctor is a person of interest to us at this stage,” Capt. Mike Pruitt, commander of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office drug task force, tells PEOPLE.

Astin, a longtime friend of Benoit as well as his doctor, told the Associated Press on Wednesday he had been treating the wrestler for low testosterone levels, most likely resulting from previous steroid use.

On Thursday, World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon addressed the subject of “‘roid rage,” telling Today’s Meredith Vieira: “Steroids may or may not have had anything to do with this, It’s all speculation until the toxicology reports come back.”