Jessica Herndon
July 30, 2007 08:45 AM

David Beckham is taking center stage in the Hollywood spotlight – but right now he’s stuck watching his new soccer team from the sidelines.

The superstar, still nursing an injured ankle, sat out the L.A. Galaxy’s game over the weekend. His team lost to Chivas Guadalajara 2-1 in the Superliga Tournament’s Saturday night match at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Beckham sat on the bench to support with his teammates this time – during the Galaxy’s last game Beckham, watched with his son from a box – and he attentively watched the play and often cracked a smile while chewing on ice cubes.

Victoria and the young Beckham boys did not attend Saturday’s game.

On Friday afternoon Beckham skipped practice with the rest of the Galaxy to stay in the locker room and get treatment on his ankle. What exactly goes into that treatment? Galaxy coach Frank Yallop sums it up: “[It’s] frictional. Really getting the scar tissue out. It was really tight in there and was constricting any movement. It was painful. He’s feeling a lot better. He’s working on the stair climber and bike. Fitness-wise, it won’t be an issue. David has proved that he’s a pretty fit kid.”

Though the coach says Beckham’s ankle is getting better, it’s unclear whether he will step out for Tuesday’s game in Texas. “He’ll know the pain threshold he can handle. He realized when he played in the Chelsea game that he wasn’t ready. He knows now to get fit and healthy.”

Star Galaxy player Landon Donovan says he “can’t wait” for David to get on the field again. “I just want his ankle to get better.”

Meanwhile, Beckham faced criticism over the weekend from Brazilian soccer legend Pele, who called him a “pop star” and warned him to take his game seriously. “David Beckham is more of a pop star than a player. From my experience with New York Cosmos, I would advise him to be very well prepared for the matches,” reports.

“I know the level of play in the league. It is well balanced, and the spectators will demand a lot from him as their star player,” he added. “But when there’s no training or practice, then he can stroll through Hollywood.”

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