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Brian Orloff
September 09, 2007 04:00 PM

Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter Dannielynn celebrated her 1st birthday on Saturday with a lavish party hosted by dad Larry Birkhead at the home of Louisville, Ky., socialite Tricia Barnstable Brown.

“It really was great to see [Dannielynn] smile, especially through all the things that we’ve been through, just to get to that milestone of one year was just great,” Birkhead told the Associated Press. (Dannielynn’s actual birthday was Friday.)

The princess-themed bash featured a castle and white carriage, and brought hundreds of guests to fete. However, before entering, guests had to turn in their cell phones and sign a release form promising not to snap any photos.

Guests arrived to Brown’s home – which is where the late Anna Nicole Smith first met Birkhead – in limousines and stretch Humvees. Off-duty police officers guarded the house, studded with decorations including pink balloons on the iron gates and a hot-air-balloon-shaped birthday cake in the front yard. In the back yard, a party guest described to the Associated Press the “huge castle as big as a house” and a bubble machine and white carriage.

And while the guest of honor didn’t make any public appearances, Birkhead told the AP she had a blast at her party. “My daughter had a really, really good time,” he said. “Barney the dinosaur came and gave a special performance. The kids loved it.”

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