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Dancing Costar: Jake Pavelka's Breakup 'Absolutely Predictable'

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Matt Sayles/AP

Nobody can see a reality check coming better than a reality star.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi seemed happy enough when the Bachelor competed on Dancing With the Stars. But Dancing pro Edyta Sliwinksa barely batted a long eyelash when she read about the implosion of their engagement.

“Come on!” Sliwinksa, 29, told PEOPLE at the Eclipse premiere Thursday. “They are both wonderful people, but their relationship was built on sandboxes. I mean, there’s no foundation to this relationship. They met on a reality TV show.”

And that, she believes, can spell trouble when the cameras are turned off.

“It’s understandable that under the pressure of the gossips and Hollywood and Dancing With the Stars, they’re going to probably crack,” she says. “It’s a shame that it’s not a nice breakup, but I think it’s absolutely predictable.”