Maggie Coughlan
April 16, 2013 11:50 AM

Everybody loves a princess.

When a young boy named Sam asked his father for a DVD of Sofia the First – an animated series voiced by Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter about a 7-year-old girl about to become a princess – a touching story unfolded in line to check out at a Walmart.

Sam’s dad wrote about the experience on Facebook and his post ended up on Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

“So, here’s how Sam became the proud owner of Sofia the First DVD,” he writes. “On Saturday, the kids and I headed to Wal-Mart to get diapers, before picking up Erin at the Fine Arts Center. We are in line, and there is a display of Sofia DVDs next to the line. Sam says, ‘Oh boy, Sofia the First … I love Sofia the First … can I get this movie?’ ”

“And I say, ‘No Sam, we have more than enough movies right now’ … which is very true. Then the following dialogue: MORON IN GAMECOCK POLO SHIRT AND BRAIDED BELT: ‘And those are girl movies … you don’t want to grow up like a mommy, you want to grow up to be like daddy.’ ”

Sam’s dad continues, “ME: ‘Actually, I just want him to grow up to be whatever he is supposed to be … and if that’s a boy that likes princess movies then great.’ MORON: ‘You don’t think that will make him funny.’ ME: ‘I sure hope so.’

“MORON: ‘I don’t mean that kind of funny, I mean he might like other boys.’ ME: ‘And I’d love him just as much … and he’d probably smell better as a teenager.’ ”

Sam’s dad explains that the “Moron” then moved to another line.

Then, he writes, “OLD LADY behind me in line: ‘Let me buy that movie for him. You just made my day.’ And that is how Sam came to own Sofia the First.”

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