Jess Cagle
April 06, 2004 02:49 PM

Tom Cruise and Penélope Cruz sure know how to keep the tabloids on their toes. On March 25, the couple confirmed to PEOPLE that they had ended their three-year relationship. They spent the next couple of weeks denying reports that he had reunited with ex-wife Nicole Kidman and that she was dating Matthew McConaughey, her costar in the upcoming action-adventure film “Sahara.”

Then, on April 4, Cruise and Cruz were spotted together – this time in Berlin. Is a reconciliation in the works? “They’re not back together,” says Cruise’s spokesperson, Lee Anne DeVette, with a laugh. “Since he was in Germany and she had a couple of days off, she flew over to say hi. They hadn’t seen each other since January.”

Cruise was in Berlin scouting locations for a third “Mission: Impossible” film; Cruz was on a break from shooting “Sahara,” costarring McConaughey, in Morocco. Otherwise, Cruise and Cruz have each been keeping busy on their own. Before landing in Berlin, Cruise scouted locations in Ghana with “Mission: Impossible 3” director Joe Carnahan and writer Frank Darabont. He’s returning to the U.S. soon to start promoting this summer’s “Collateral,” in which he plays a hit man, and to begin production on “Elizabethtown,” a film he’s co-producing with director Cameron Crowe. While filming in Morocco, Cruz adopted a kitten.

And yes, Cruise and Cruz will be seeing more of each other: “They’re good friends, and they’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” says DeVette. “People should get used to it.”

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