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Katherine Perry
July 17, 2010 03:00 PM

Creativity clearly runs in the family.

But while her parents – Hole singer Courtney Love and the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – are forces in the music world, 17-year-old Frances Cobain is looking to make her mark as a visual artist.

This month Cobain debuted a collection of sketches at L.A.’s La Luz de Jesus gallery to critical praise – and commercial success.

Mat Gleason, editor of the Coagula Art Journal, attended the show and says he was impressed by Cobain’s exhibition, titled “Scumf—k,” which comprises a dozen notebook drawings depicting ghoulish, dark and distorted figures, including a centerpiece illustration of punk rocker G.G. Allin.

“For the genre she’s working in she’s obviously very talented,” Gleason tells PEOPLE.

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Although Cobain showed her sold-out work under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim,” Gleason has no doubt that it is her art.

“What it tells me is that she didn’t want the attention, and that she wanted the work to stand on its own,” he says. “That shows integrity.”

The influences growing up in “a punk-rock household” are obvious, he says, adding, “She’s definitely keeping with the family tradition.”

And – although they’ve been estranged since December 2009 after Cobain was placed in the care of her paternal grandmother and aunt – Mom couldn’t be more proud.

“Did you ever look, into her dads art?” Love Tweeted to a fan who praised her daughter’s work. “I think its astonishing & considering her chemistry its a good thing. What if she had to keep all those demons bottled inside?”

“I adore my daughter,” her Tweets continued, “and miss her. But that scumf–k stuff is cool.”

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