Stephen M. Silverman
July 13, 2004 08:00 AM

Courtney Love left a Manhattan hospital on Monday after spending the weekend there as a fugitive from justice for having missed a Friday court hearing in Los Angeles.

Her whereabouts after her release from the Bellevue Hospital Center have not been disclosed, reports Reuters. The New York Post says that the troubled singer was transferred to an unnamed facility.

Love, who turned 40 on Friday, was admitted to Bellevue that very day after missing her scheduled court appearance in L.A., where she is facing a felony charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Her scheduled arraignment was for an alleged April 25 altercation with a 32-year-old woman at the home of Love’s ex-boyfriend and onetime manager, Jim Barber. Love reputedly came at the woman with a liquor bottle.

The rocker’s lawyer, Michael Rosenstein, said Love was in hospital for a gynecological condition. New York newspapers showed photos of Love, distraught and dressed in a camisole, being carried on a stretcher in handcuffs from her Manhattan apartment by paramedics on Friday.

Rosenstein tells Reuters that Love’s condition was not drug-related, despite his client’s history.

“It’s a feminine issue. I don’t know expressly what the details are. But it’s a medical condition relating to gynecological issues.”

According to The New York Times, an ambulance was sent to Love’s home when the city fire department received an emergency 911 call reporting a miscarriage. Love told police separately that she had had an abortion on Thursday.

Police had been dispatched to her apartment around noon on Friday after the building supervisor called to report that someone was tossing bottles from a window, but no arrests were made at that time, a police spokesman said.

This has been a bumpy year for Love. In May, she pleaded guilty in an unrelated case to being under the influence of cocaine when she was arrested outside Barber’s home in October for disturbing the peace.

She also faces other drug possession charges in Beverly Hills – and is due to appear in court for that case on Thursday, though Rosenstein said she is not likely to make that date.

She additionally faces a reckless endangerment charge in New York City, for allegedly flinging a microphone stand into the crowd at a club during an impromptu performance.

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