Stephen M. Silverman
March 23, 2004 12:54 PM

Chalk up another possible court date for Courtney Love, who in a string of incidents last week flashed David Letterman on his show, got a stranger to kiss her breasts outside a Manhattan Wendy’s and got charged with reckless endangerment and third-degree assault after she flung a microphone into the crowd during an impromptu club performance.

Now, reports the Associated Press, a photographer named Dara Kushner has stepped forward to say she was injured when the former Hole singer bodysurfed through the crowd during Love’s concert in New York late Thursday night.

It remains to be seen whether Kushner will press charges.

On Wednesday, Love, 39, allegedly struck Gregory Burgett, 23, of Kentucky, with a microphone stand that either fell or was knocked from the stage of the club Plaid while she did an unadvertised performance to promote her new CD, “America’s Sweetheart,” The New York Times reported, noting that Love is awaiting trial in California on felony drug charges and that PEOPLE has named her one of its worst dressers.

Burgett reportedly received three staples in his cut brow at Cabrini Medical Center. Shown in a photo with a bandaged head and scratched right cheek (from his eye to his chin), Burgett told the New York Post: “I always thought she was kind of dangerous. Turns out, I was right. There was blood all over my face.”

Calling the incident an accident, the owner of Plaid, Peggy Millard, told The Times that Love “was very upset (by Burgett’s injury). She didn’t realize she had done anything wrong. She was shocked when they wanted to arrest her.”

Love’s publicist released a statement saying, “We believe she will be vindicated.”

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