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Stephen M. Silverman
February 14, 2007 03:50 PM

Courteney Cox has a warning to those who are set to tune in to her FX show Dirt expecting to see a down-and-dirty scene with her former Friends costar Jennifer Aniston: “There is no tongue.”

Speaking to TV’s Access Hollywood in an interview to air Wednesday, Cox says, “It is really not a big deal to kiss” Aniston, who plays a lesbian rival editor.

“I am not saying don’t tune in to watch Jennifer on the show, because she is fantastic and you get to see us together again,” says Cox, “but if you think it is just about a major make-out session, you will be disappointed.”

In the March 27 Dirt episode, Aniston gives Cox’s tabloid editor Lucy Spiller a “goodbye peck,” a source close to the show told PEOPLE.

Asked if the two had ever locked lips before, Cox said, “Our first (assistant director) on Friends wanted us to. In order for us to get a later call time, (the assistant director) dared us to kiss once and we thought about it. For the whole year we would get a later call time. We didn’t do it, no.”

Working with Aniston was quite an experience – for the Dirt cast and crew, said Cox. “When she first arrived everyone was really quiet. It was like they were giving her respect and I was like, ‘This is my bud Jen. Come on people, let’s have some fun.’ And by day two everyone was more loose, and by day three we were having a ball.”

Cox added, “Let me tell you. That girl cuts up just as much as the rest of us. She is very fun and she’s goofy and she is just a doll. She is a great fun person with a great sense of humor.”

Finally, as for Aniston’s birthday party, which Cox’s hosted last weekend, Cox got sick and had to spend the evening in her daughter’s room. Still, Cox said was knew Vince Vaughn would attend, saying: “They are friends.”

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