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Costars Find Angelina Jolie 'Very Chilled-Out'

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Angelina Jolie couldn’t make it to the L.A. premiere of her new action flick Wanted Thursday night, as she remains in France, but her costars had plenty to say about the mother-to-be.

Joile’s latest leading man James McAvoy told PEOPLE he was most surprised to discover “her normality.”

“She’s just a very chilled-out person, and a good, fun person. And that shouldn’t be surprising, because movie stars are normal people, but even actors get taken in by the hype,” McAvoy said.

Costar Terrence Stamp was also impressed with the tranquility he saw in her on Wanted.

“I just think that in this last movie, she just seemed very happy,” Stamp said. “I think it must be a wonderful moment in her life. And it’s just something you don’t fake. Either you’re happy and that’s the vibe you’re giving out, or not, and so I felt it was a great, great moment for her, and I hope it lasts.”

She is so “sharp,” added actor Thomas Kretschmann.

“She knows what she’s going for, and she’s also very instinctive – there are smart people and there are instinctive people, and it’s very rare that it meets in the middle, and she’s one of them,” the German actor said.

Kretschman was stumped as to how Jolie balances the demands of her large family, her film career and her humanitarian efforts. “She’s very busy, I guess!” he laughed. “She likes it – she’s a very passionate human being, and I think she just loves life.”

“She’s herself, all the time,” agreed Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov. “She never lies, and it’s her nature, and I love her because of that.”