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Zara Kessler
June 20, 2010 09:15 PM

Possibly least shocked of all at Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford’s surprise wedding is her Brothers and Sisters costar Gilles Marini.

“Those two definitely belong to each other. I’m so happy for them.” Marini, 34, tells PEOPLE of the couple’s recent (and unannounced) nuptials.

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Why tie the knot now, after eight years of dating? “Why not?” says Marini. “I think this is what it’s all about. After all that time I think it’s normal.” In fact, it gets him thinking about his own marriage to his wife of 12 years, Carole.

“I met my wife – we got married in five minutes in Miami and we never really did the proper wedding,” says Marini. “Trust me, five years from now, three, two, one, next year – who knows? – I’m going to give her one.”

Just give us a heads up, okay?

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