Nate Jones
March 27, 2014 11:05 AM

Louisiana’s newest restaurant is just off the highway – literally. Months after 40,000 pounds of ham spilled off a Georgia onramp, a semi crash scattered thousands of corn dogs across an interstate.

According to local news station KTBS, a tractor trailer hauling a load full of packaged corn dogs overturned on I-220 outside of Shreveport, La., Tuesday morning, spilling 75,000 sticks of the fried snack across the highway. There were no injuries, but the mounds of spilled dogs caused nine hours of delays while police cleaned up the delicious debris.

The crash was apparently a big hit with the locals, many of whom scooped up the free snacks fate had tossed into their laps.

“It’s a big mess, but a lot of folks will be eating pretty good this afternoon,” Corporal Marcus Hines of the Shreveport police told WWLTV.

After providing the community with such a bounty, the driver of the truck will not face charges.


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