Stephen M. Silverman
November 05, 2003 10:05 AM

Syndicated TV talk-show host Montel Williams was fined $100 after authorities at Detroit Metropolitan Airport found him with marijuana paraphernalia, reports the Associated Press.

Williams, who has multiple sclerosis (which affects the central nervous system), has been prescribed medicinal marijuana to treat it, the Detroit News reports. He was first diagnosed with the disease in 1999.

“He has prescriptions for many different medications for MS,” reads a statement from Williams’s spokeswoman. “One of the medications he has been prescribed to alleviate his chronic pain is medical marijuana.”

Calls placed by AP to the producers of “The Montel Williams Show” were not returned.

Williams, 47, paid the fine following the Monday-night incident, then boarded a flight and left Michigan, says the news service.

Despite federal laws banning the use of medical marijuana, eight states (not Michigan, however) have enacted laws that permit its use in certain cases.

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