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Cody Simpson Graduates at Top of His High School Class

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Courtesy Cody Simpson

Former Dancing with the Stars contestant and “Surfboard” singer Cody Simpson is officially a high school graduate.

And the 17-year-old’s no slouch academically, either: He graduated at the top of his Atlanta, Georgia., class.

Simpson posted excerpts from his speech on his Instagram account. “It is possible to finish high school amidst having a very busy schedule and amidst working relentlessly towards chasing my wildest dreams,” Simpson tells his peers in the first video.

In the second video, Simpson says, “Intelligence is the sexiest thing in the entire world,” a sentiment he later echoed on Twitter.

One of Simpson’s recent forays into social media was considerably less inspiring: He posted a photo of his naked posterior on Instagram, later commenting when it had been removed, “looks like Instagram didn’t like my a––.”

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