Melissa Locker
December 20, 2013 01:00 PM

Last month, Volvo released an unforgettable commercial featuring action star Jean-Claude Van Damme calmly doing a full split between two of their brand new trucks, without even breaking a sweat.

While some, like Channing Tatum, were game to make parodies just for the fun of it, Chuck Norris has a reputation as the world’s toughest man to uphold. To him, that viral video could have been viewed as a challenge … and perhaps it was? A Hungarian creative agency, Delov Digital, just released a new (spoof) version of the infamous commercial for the holidays.

Whether the Delov video features the real Norris – or a Chuck Norris look-alike complete with chiseled jaw, Stetson and unflappable attitude – is anyone’s guess. (In fact, he may be pure CGI!) In the video, Norris does a split in the sky, balancing between two airplanes with a fleet of para-acrobats draped in Christmas lights poised on his head as he recites Shakespeare. No big deal.

Could anyone possibly top this new, improved “epic split”? Also, what’s Steven Seagall up to these days?

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