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Christmas Gifts of the Stars

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Kelsey Grammer has gone all out for Christmas, purchasing his wife, Camille Donatacci, “a bunch of garbage cans,” the “Frasier” star has revealed to USA Today. “We just moved into a house and we need receptacles. And they’re gorgeous.” So, he was quick to add, is the jewelry he also bought her (and which he plans to present AFTER she’s found the trash cans under the tree). Other gifts from stars, as reported by the paper: Ray Romano is “buying my fat brother a treadmill (and) my other brother a set of golf clubs”; Dylan McDermott is getting his dad “an expensive (golf) club,” a Ping driver; Heather Locklear opted for Motorola’s data- and fax-capable Timeport P8767, while “Friends” stars Courteney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston went for several Motorola V8160 cellphones, which boast built-in mini Web browsers. Matthew McConaughey was less high-tech. He reportedly bought “some people that like to cook and have new homes some really good kitchen knives because I cook and I really appreciate my kitchen knife — a large 8-inch.”