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Christina Ricci Says She's Ready to Wed

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Christina Ricci says she’s ready to commit to her relationship – she’s just not sure about the wedding part.

“I’m definitely more at a time in my life where I want to settle down,” Ricci, 27, who dates actor-director Adam Goldberg, tells the UK’s Tatler in its June issue.

When it comes to walking down the aisle, “I think about that a lot,” she says. “Sometimes it sounds really good, but then I’m not actually sure I’d want to go through with the wedding. Although I feel like if we didn’t have a wedding, my family would be mad at me, and Adam’s family would be mad at him.”

She adds, laughing: “That’s just a whole thing – I don’t want to deal with it because you know you’re going to get in trouble. I just want to be married, or just engaged. Basically, I just want a ring. And the tax break.”

She and Goldberg have been together off and on since he directed her in the 2003 movie I Love Your Work. They reportedly split in 2005 and sold their house, only to get back together last year. (They currently live around the corner from each other, though Ricci tells the magazine she thinks they’ll probably move back in together “in a couple of years.”)

On the subject of another man, Ricci says her Black Snake Moan costar Justin Timberlake was “was great, really sweet and very silly. We had a really fun time.”

They had several sex scenes together, but, she says: “He also never acted like anything I was doing was weird. In one scene we did together I had no underwear on, just a shirt, and later he told me he’d been really shocked by that. But he acted, God bless him, like it was totally normal what I was doing, so that was sweet of him.”

He did, however, refuse to teach her how to dance. “I wanted to know how to pop and lock,” she says, “but apparently that’s not appropriate terminology, so he said, ‘No, I can’t.’ ”