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April 04, 2014 03:55 PM

Greetings and salutations, Heathers fans. It’s time to rev up those chainsaws, because the 1988 cult comedy is back and this time its teenage angst has a musical beat.

On Monday, Heathers celebrated its 25th anniversary with the opening of Heathers: The Musical at New York City’s New World Stages. Among the first Corn Nuts aficionados to see the off-Broadway adaptation was the original J.D. himself, actor Christian Slater.

The Nymphomaniac star stopped by the TODAY show to talk about the surreal experience of seeing the character he made (in)famous portrayed onstage.

“It was weird,” said Slater. “Just seeing another guy up there in the black jacket, playing that part. There were parts of me that wanted to run up on the stage.”

Heathers: The Musical
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The 44-year-old resisted the urge to take over his old role, saying Heathers: The Musical was a great re-imagining of the cult hit, with a funny cast.

After the show, Slater snuck backstage to deliver kudos to the new group of Westerburg High students and to reminisce about his days in Sherwood, Ohio.

Ryan McCartan, Heather: The Musical‘s dreamily diabolical J.D., even invited the actor to savor a moment wearing the character’s signature black trench coat again.

Christian Slater with the Heathers: The Musical cast
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Grab a slushy and get your tickets to the show here.

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Heathers, 1988
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