Alex Heigl
March 17, 2014 02:00 PM

Shake, rattle and roll.

Los Angeles experienced a 4.4 magnitude earthquake Monday morning. The real star of the morning, however, was KTLA anchor Chris Schauble, whose “Oh, no!” face was captured in its full glory on-camera.

Schauble’s reaction – including he and co-anchor Megan Henderson’s desk-dive to avoid debris falling from the ceiling of the studio – has gone viral in the wake of the event, with .gifs and videos of his facial expression being passed around on Twitter, Vine and elsewhere.

United States Geographical Survey seismologist Robert Graves told the Associated Press this morning’s quake was “typical” for Southern California, and that damage would be slight, if it occurred at all.

“It’s not that large by California terms. It’s the size of earthquake we have across the state once every couple of months,” Lucy Jones, a USGS seismologist, told KABC-TV, according to the Associated Press. “But we haven’t had one like this in L.A. for quite a while.”

For his part, Schauble seems to be taking his newfound fame in stride: He’s already changed his Twitter profile picture to display that wonderful expression.

With reporting by ASSOCIATED PRESS

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