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Chloë Sevigny to Directors: I'm Available!

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Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Chloë Sevigny battles for attention with two other women on HBO’s Big Love about a polygamist family. But in real life, the actress is ready to take center stage as a leading lady.

“Agents say that everyone thinks when you are doing a series, you aren’t available,” the actress said at the South By Southwest festival this week. “Not true. I feel like it has been hard for me as far as films to get more of the leading parts.”

Sevigny attended the Austin-based film festival for the premieres of two of her upcoming movies, Barry Munday and Mr. Nice.

Still, it’s her role on Big Love that has fans clamoring to get close to the actress. “I am surprised by how many people react to the show, how many people come up to me in the streets,” she says. “Such a wide range of people find things they love about it.”

So, how does she find the time film movies while also doing a series? “Hiatus,” she says. “We shot Barry Munday two years ago and then on my last hiatus shot Mr. Nice.”

Despite her desire to land more leading roles, she says she’s not pushing too hard. “I am not that ambitious in plotting my life out,” she says. “I always believed in fate. If it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to. I don’t know if that is me being lazy or justifying the way things happen. But it has always worked for me.”

The South By Southwest film festival, now in its 16th year, runs through March 20.