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Chicago Cops Take Heat over Ice Cube

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Chicago police apologized Tuesday for issuing a community alert that described a man suspected in a series of sexual assaults as resembling rapper-actor Ice Cube, after local CBS station WBBM-TV aired one of Cube’s videos during its evening newscast, the Associated Press reports.

The suspect police are searching for has allegedly sexually assaulted three woman in Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park neighborhood, and a police alert released Sunday described the man as an African-American male in his mid-20s who “resembles the popular rap artist ‘Ice Cube.'”

In reporting the story the next evening, the CBS affiliate ran one of Ice Cube’s videos.

“We acknowledged the information should not have been on the alert,” police spokesman David Bayless said in a statement. “We took immediate corrective action. We apologize to Ice Cube for what was an honest mistake and came with no ill intent.”

A new alert was issued — with no mention of Ice Cube (real name: O’Shea Jackson), 34, who just happens to be in the Windy City, filming “Barbershop 2,” a sequel to last year’s hit comedy.

Matt Labov, a spokesman for Ice Cube, said cast members were watching as WBBM-TV broadcast the video.

“This is an unfortunate and hurtful situation for Ice Cube,” said the rep, acknowledging that both police and WBBM have apologized. “That his good name ever came up in association with the events currently taking place … is damaging to Ice Cube as a father, husband and artist.”